Well Water Testing For Home Wells
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well water testing for home sold with private well

Does your new home have a private well?  Lead, total coliform bacteria, and contaminates such as fertilizers and pesticides can lead to health problems. Secure your investment and the health of your loved ones by having the water tested before closing.

If you are seeking an FHA, USDA or VA home loan, these tests are required prior to closing. Order water testing as soon as possible to ensure you can close on time. Plan on 14 days to receive lab results.   

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Pathogen Testing

Is there bacteria in your well water? High water tables in Florida can make well contamination possible. Coliform testing should be done on an annual basis for every private well.

FHA, VA, USDA Well Water Testing

Are you applying for a government loan to purchase a home with a private well? If so, you will need to have the well tested for possible contamination. Schedule a well water test right now to get you loan approved on time. 

Water Sample Collection

Do you need to have a water sample collected for your well water test, or business? We can do that. We provide all chain of custody documentation to satisfy the requirements of your lender or regulatory agency.