Looking For A Change And You Want To Make A Difference?

Now you can do both.

Make a difference you are proud of by taking on an essential role protecting & managing one of the most valuable resources we have: Water

Do You Love Your Community?

Do you love where you come from, and would you love the opportunity to make a difference? 

We love water. 

There is nothing more essential to everyday life, there’s no greater impact that could be made in the life of another, than the daily gift of safe water. 

I Heart water

Teams & Open Positions 

Top Position:

Package Plant Operator

Requires Class C or higher DEP Plant Operator License.
Drinking water & waste water plant operation.

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Key Job Benefit: Independence

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss, but not wanted the responsibility of owning your own business? 

We rely on our self-directed Plant Operators to engage with our clients and assist them in meeting their plant’s compliance requirements. 

Set your own schedule, meet your own deadlines.

Share in the rewards of going above and beyond providing excellent service. 

Salaried Position

Paid by plant, complete your work at your own pace by industry standards. 

Weekend Bonus Pay

Earn more by taking a weekend shift. 

Commissions Oportunity

Recruit new business? Share in the rewards with the company

Other Benefits

Enjoy paid time off, paid holidays, mileage reimbursement if using your own approved vehicle, choice of W2 or 1099 payroll direct deposit. 

Additional benefit programs are currently under development. 

Lab Assistant

Work alongside our experienced technical and quality managers to learn everything you need to succeed in the field of environmental laboratory water analysis. 

The Start of a Meaningful Career

Clean, safe, water for our community. 

From the water we drink to the water we kayak and snorkel in, our testing processes work to ensure people and environmental ecosystems are protected. 

If you think you would enjoy working in a scientific laboratory analyzing samples and protecting your community, then this role could be a great fit for you to experience. 


Learn how to process and analyze total coliform bacteriological samples necessary to protect our local watersheds and ecosystems.

Nitrates & Nitrites

Learn the analyisis of nitrate and nitrite samples. 

CBOD Testing

Ensure treatment plant effluent is safe to discharge back into our loca ecosystems

TSS Testing

Testing that ensures treatment plants are operating at maximum potential efficiency 


Compile reports quickly for our clients and invoicing. 

Key Benefits

– Salaried pay
– Paid holidays
– Paid time off
– Flexible working hours: Start early (5 am) finish early, sleep in and work later. Choice is yours.
– Choice of 4, 6 or 8 hour shifts
– Choice of 4 or 5 day work week

Team Culture & Core Values

Before joining our company, we believe its important for you to know
what our people believe and what we expect from our members. 


We give what we want to receive, beginning with ourselves.


Loyalty is a two-way street. Take care of the people and the people take care of company.


We help ourselves become better versions of who we already are.

Consideration of Others

How can we improve things for others? Leave things in better shape than we found them.

Highest & Best Use

We are fanatically committed to eliminating waste > time, actions, and materials.

Listen, Learn, & Share

Listen to and discuss problems and opportunities. The best solution will become self-evident.

People Are The Priority

Without the people, there is no business. Our people have committed their lives to building a great company that provides for their needs and offers an incredible service to our community.

Only applicants who resonate with these values will be permitted to become a part of this buisness and participate in and enjoy the benefits provided by this environment and the operations the business performs for its clients.

Is that you?

If you believe the answer is yes, then your next step is click the button below to start your application. 

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