Well Water Testing Package


5 Test, Essential Analyte Well Water Testing Package.


FHA / VA / USDA Well Water Testing Package consists of standard tests typically required by most lenders. Tests included in this package are:

  • Total Coliform – Indicates presence of fecal bacterial contamination
  • E. Coli – A Specific type of Coliform bacteria
  • Lead – Harmful metal
  • Nitrates – Presence of nitrates convert into nitrites
  • Nitrites – Interferes with oxygen carrying capacity of blood

Individual lenders may require additional tests at their discretion. Make sure this package complies with your lender’s requirements. Additional tests can be provided for an additional fee.

You cannot collect and deliver your own water samples to the lab for loan qualification. Central Florida Water Testing must be able to guarantee that samples were not contaminated during collection and transport. We are including a sample collection fee in the package to certify that the samples were collected in accordance to NELAP laboratory standards and practices.

This package is available for properties located in Central Florida only.

Additional information


Package Valid only in:
Lake County, Florida
Sumter County, Florida
Marion County, Florida
Osceola County, Florida
Orange County, Florida
Seminole County, Florida


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